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Check Engine Light Lincoln NE

Many Lincoln drivers have had their check engine light come on. It’s an amber colored light that shows on your dashboard. What is the purpose for the check engine light? Most of your vehicle engine functions are controlled by a computer, not surprisingly, called an engine control computer or ECM. The computer is able to adjust many engine parameters for environmental conditions, engine condition and even the way you drive in Lincoln. In order to make these adjustments, the vehicle computer relies on a network of sensors to provide data. The computer knows the proper operating range for each sensor. When a sensor reading is out of range the computer runs some tests and may turn on the Check Engine Light. If your vehicle check engine light is flashing, that means that something is wrong that could cause severe damage to the catalytic converter or other components. Drive the vehicle as little as possible and get that taken care of right away. If your check engi ... read more


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