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Brake Repair Lincoln, NE

The braking system on your vehicle is something that some drivers tend to take advantage but the truth is that it’s one of the important safety features that your car, truck or SUV has to offer. You don’t even have to encounter road hazards to need your brakes. There are plenty of times on your stop and go commute that require you to safely come to a complete stop.

Brake Check Lincoln, NE

Do you hear a squeal or screech when you depress your brake pedal? It might be time to get your brakes inspected. We will measure how much of your brake pad is left, protecting your brake assembly and give you an estimated mileage marker when you’ll need to get your brakes changed but that also depends on your driving habits.

Brake Pads Lincoln, NE

Brake pads are used to protect your braking assembly from metal to metal contact which causes heat that can warp your braking system and cause certain parts to fail prematurely. So when it comes to your safety, your family’s safety, and the safety of those that share the road with you, don’t take chances when you don’t have to, ask us if you have any questions about your brakes.

We can often perform a brake check when conducting several other types of services, we will be happy to take a look and give you a better idea before you need new brake pads.

ABS Light Lincoln, NE

Your Anti-Lock Braking System is what helps you to keep from skidding out when slamming on your brakes in an emergency. Even in non-extreme circumstances your ABS monitors how fast your wheels while you are depressing your brake pedal and maintains traction, otherwise your brakes would lock up and you’d slide across the asphalt instead of quickly but safely coming to a complete stop.

These sensors let you know when the system is not working and therefore illuminates a malfunction indicator light on your dashboard. It’s like a check engine light for your brakes.

If you see this come on, feel free to give us a call, drive on by our shop or conveniently schedule an appointment online for a day and time that works best for you!

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